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Boilermakers are responsible for assembling, erecting, and maintaining boilers, tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, calandrias, pollution control systems, furnaces, condensers, water towers, penstocks and scroll casings using hoisting, rigging, welding equipment, tools and hardware.

They construct and repair electric power plants, refineries, pulp and paper mills, and steel mills. They build naval ships and commercial tankers, repair locomotives, make cement, and mine coal, gypsum, and talc. They forge tools for industry and make consumer goods.

The union aggressively prepares, promotes, protects and defends their members. They’re the right choice for workers who want an innovative, forward-thinking union that looks out for its members today and tomorrow. And they’re right choice for owners, contractors and other employers who want to get the job done right —on time, within budget and safely. Every time.

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